Wild West - April 2010

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Taking Stock of the Pony Express - SESQUICENTENNIAL (1860-2010) - by Frederick J. Chiaventone. Young, wiry riders delivered the mail 150 years ago when the Pony Express ran on determination, a tight schedule and an even tighter budget.

Gold Teeth and Lead Bullets by Lee Shackelton. A Ballarat brute nettled a miner with a mouthful of gold, which started the lead flying one summer morning among hard-drinking citizens in this California mining town.

Ambush and Siege at Paint Rock by Wayne R. Austerman. Jack Hays' Texas Rangers laid a trap for Comanche raiders, then beat back the larger force—or so the story goes.

Jack Slade: Western Jekyll and Hyde by Dan Rottenberg. The steadfast Central Overland stage superintendent once impressed Mark Twain but often transformed into a hard-drinking ruffian—once too often to suit Montana vigilantes.

Jack Watkins, the Laramie Terror by R.K. DeArment. He was a man with a sketchy past and not much of a future, but for a few short months and deadly moments in Wyoming Territory, Watkins was an outlaw king.


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