World War II - March/April 2012

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The Germans View of Patton by Harry Yeide. Legend has it the Germans feared and revered General George S. Patton. The reality is strikingly different.

Moving Target by Steven Trent Smith. After the Japanese occupied the Philippines, one American family found themselves on a run for their lives

Portfolio: Aborted Takeoff. The U.S. Marines’ glider program never truly got off the ground

Cutthroat Business by Samantha Seiple. A group of tough-as-nails commandos led the charge to take Alaska’s Aleutian Islands back from the Japanese.

Eye on a Juggernaut by Andrew Nagorski. An American diplomat was among the first to warn of Germany’s military resurgence-but his reports were largely ignored

Weapons Manual: Tokyo Slim by Jim Laurier. The lightweight and highly maneuverable Japanese Zero was the world’s best carrier-based fighter aircraft in the war’s early years.


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