Confederate Military History: Vol. I, Part 1 - General History

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Conceived, written and edited by the Southern military leaders themselves, CONFEDERATE MILITARY HISTORY is an essential history of the Confederacy. First published in 1899 by the Confederate Publishing Company of Atlanta, Georgia, this landmark series brings you the faces, places, views and issues of the South as only the participants could report them.

A wealth of information …

CONFEDERATE MILITARY HISTORY is filled with facts, figures, biographies, illustrations and detailed narrative. In all, this remarkable series brings you more than 7,000 pages of Southern history, including: • More than 485 illustrations and portraits, 52 maps – all drawn by the official Confederate and U.S. Government cartographers, eight appendices, a General Index, and a chronological listing of engagements by state. • Detailed histories of each Confederate state – including its regiments, its heroes and its battlefields. • Two general history volumes, one dedicated to the history of the Confederacy and the other to the operations of the Confederate Navy. • Biographical sketches of the President, the Cabinet and the Legislature. • Insightful essays such as “The Background and Justification of Secession” and “The Conduct of the War by the Confederate Government.” • Major battle summaries • Tables of Civil and Military Statistics

Collector quality books …

Bound in a 6” x 9” format and printed on acid-free paper, each volume in this handsome edition from The National Historical Society is produced with fine bookmaking techniques such as: • Gold foil stamping on spine – true to the original • Silver foil stamping of the Great Seal of the Confederacy – true to the original • Smyth-sewn pages for greater durability • Head and foot bands • Linen cover • High quality book paper All volumes are 100% manufactured in the USA.

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