Annals of the War, Vols. I & II

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Originally published in 1879, these volumes consist of a collection of 56 special articles contributed initially for The Philadelphia Weekly Times beginning in 1877.

From the preface: The Annals of the War furnish the most valuable contributions to the future historian which have yet been given to the world. They are far from perfect; but they have elicited the truth to a degree that no other means could have accomplished. They are from the pens of a number of the most honored, intelligent and impartial of the immediate actors in the scenes they portray. They embrace in the list of authors men of high rank in military circles on both sides, and statesmen and historians of great trust and attainments, who favored the cause of both the Blue and the Gray. – Alexander McClure, editor.

Just a handful of the contributing writers include: Captain John D. Young, Captain John Scott, Edward Spencer, General James Longstreet, Colonel F. C. Newhall, Major A.B. McClellan, Judge Robert Ould, General W.W.H. Davis, Colonel Henry S. Olcott, General Beauregard, and John A. Wright.

Each volume contains approximately 400 pages and is bound in a handsome linen cover with gold stamping on the spine and front cover—true to the original.


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